Research Study - Technology’s Role in Managing & Retaining Employees 

It's predicted that by 2020, millennials will make up 35% of the global workforce. But this group of employees, as our new research indicates, can be a double-edged sword - they are both the most common and the hardest group to engage. 

Learn about technology's role in employee experience, as well as key challenges HR faces in managing and retaining employees across generations, by leveraging the following findings:

  • Real-time feedback, socially engaging experiences and mobile access influence engagement with millennial and Gen Z workers. 46% of surveyed HR professionals said these groups want an employee communications platform with a similar functionality and experience to social media. 

  • Improving employee-manager relationships and reducing turnover are bigger HR priorities with Gen Z than millennials and baby boomers. 18% cited "keeping employees engaged long-term" as their biggest priority with Gen Z, while 13% cited "improving employee-manager relationships."
  • Inefficient, delayed feedback loop creates a black hole in employee communications. 39% of the respondents admitted to using paper surveys, while 49% rely on the company intranet to collect employee feedback.
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