Research Study - Seasonal Workers: The Hidden Fuel of the Gig Economy

In the battle for employee productivity, engagement is often perceived by HR and internal communications professionals to be a key differentiator. But as this research study indicates, the temporary nature of gig worker employment is excluding this growing group from company dialogue.

Learn how you can build more lasting and loyal relationships with all of your employees by leveraging key findings and trends, such as:

  • Age is not just a number, but makes a difference in how seasonal workers are treated by HR, management and operations employees. Those who work with older seasonal workers indicate that they are less engaged than younger workers. Despite this discrepancy, ‘nothing’ is most often done to engage older seasonal workers.  
  • Employees crave that personal touch. Organizations with many seasonal gig workers treat them less personally than organizations with few. However, making employees feel personally approached is the only way to go if you want to engage them, including seasonal workers. Finding ways to do so without losing an inordinate amount of time is key.

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