The Ultimate Guide to Managing, Motivating & Retaining Restaurant Employees

Managing, motivating and retaining restaurant employees is a huge challenge, demonstrated by the industry’s staggering 73% turnover rate. But where does this issue stem from? Research suggests that a lack of engaging, relevant communications between employees and management is to blame.

In this guide, 7shifts and Speakap will help restaurants address and combat the problem of high turnover with useful tips and recommendations for delivering effective, targeted and engaging communications with frontline staff.

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What you'll learn in the guide:

  • The state of the restaurant industry’s internal communication and turnover crises

  • Strategies for effective restaurant communication and employee engagement

  • Essential research findings on internal communication and employee satisfaction

  • Restaurant and workplace technologies to integrate for employee retention, communication, and productivity

This eBook was created in partnership with 7shifts Employee Scheduling Software for Restaurants.

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